Candy Company Names

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Candy Company Names

    candy company

  • Candy is an Italian company based in Brugherio, near Milan, which manufactures domestic appliances.


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candy company names

candy company names – Speck SPK-A1386

Speck SPK-A1386 CandyShell Limited Edition Mexico Flag Series Case for iPhone 4/4S
Speck SPK-A1386 CandyShell Limited Edition Mexico Flag Series Case for iPhone 4/4S
Show your national pride as your country goes for the gold this summer with these Limited Edition CandyShell cases, featuring authentic flag designs of countries around the world. Each form-fitting hard-shell case features CandyShell’s dual-layer protection and distinctive two-toned style, along with colorful flag patterns on the back and sides. We’ve also printed the name of the country on the side of each case as an added touch!

Show your national pride with the CandyShell International Collection. These limited edition cases feature wrap-around flag designs and coordinating eye-catching colors.

pirate booth babe

pirate booth babe
very nice girl and great eye candy – met her thru one of the "hawkers" (can’t remember his name, dammit!) who’s one of the game’s artists

EDIT: She works for a company named Maximum PC.

Ozark Maid Candy Kitchen Bag

Ozark Maid Candy Kitchen Bag
I think this bag has been used since the 1980’s. The name has since changed to Blair and Company Candy Confectionery and the Ozark Maid Girl has been retired.

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